About us

SUBA General Exports Ltd is a registered private limited company based in Kenya with two representations in Taveta and Nairobi. The company is specialized in the exportation of goods from Kenya to Europe, other African countries and North America. 

Our team is made up of a highly qualified staff who diligently works to select the best products for our customers and ensure the safe delivery of the goods. High quality, efficiency and transparency are our priority, reason why we constantly work on the optimization of the delivery time to make sure the goods are delivered within the shortest time limit, in good condition and provide the necessary documentation to ensure an easy clearance process after reception of the goods.

We supply companies worldwide. Our customers are mainly located in Europe and North America. Our mission is to assist companies that want to export from Kenya and ensure a constant and efficient business partnership with our customers.

What we export

We export a wide variety of goods such as royco cubes, njahi, pilau masala, blueband from Kenya to Europe and North America. The products we exports can be classified into the following categories: spices, masalas, margarine, dried vegetables, cereals, tea, handmade crafts and more. Find below a detailed list of some of the products we export:


  • Royco cubes beef flavour
  • Royco mchuzi mix chicken flavour
  • Royco mchuzi mix beef flavour


  • Tea Masala
  • Pilau Masala
  • Chicken masala
  • Fish Masala


  • Blueband
  • Cowboy
  • Prestige

Dried Vegetables

  • Sukuma (collard greens)
  • Mkunde (cowpea leaves)
  • Mnavu (african nightshade)
  • Terere (Amaranth leaves)

Original Kenyan Tea

  • Kenyan tea bags
  • Kenyan loose tea


  • Taifa flour
  • Familia pure WIMBI
  • Njahi (Kenyan black beans)
  • Mbaazi (pigeon pea)


  • Deras
  • Maasai sandals
  • Lesos
  • Cocoa butter
  • Shea butter
  • Nduma 


  • Avocado
  • Mango
  • Mabuyu

Our Services

Market Research

Are you planning to export from Kenya but you don’t know where to start? Do you want to know the local prices of the product you want to export? Which legal documents are needed to export from Kenya? With SUBA General Exports Ltd get the most accurate information you need about the market in Kenya and run your business smoothly


Finding a secure storage space after purchasing the goods is sometimes a big challenge for traders and is of crucial importance in the import-export activities. But with SUBA General Exports Ltd, no need to worry anymore! We provide modern and secure storage facilities in Nairobi and Taveta to help you keep your goods safely until due shipping!


Do you have questions regarding the exportation of goods from Kenya? 

Do you want to know the various steps on how to export from Kenya?

Do you have any other question or need assistance in related fields?

We are there for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Contact us

    P.O. Box: 127, 80302 Taveta

    Tel: +254 742 082772

    E-MAIL: info@subageneralexports.com